What you think about Bmw m5 e60 vs c63 2012


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  1. Everyone of them have positives and negatives but in my opinion I think the MERC much better and if you need a piece for it you’ll find it easily
    But the 2 cars are legends

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    BMW ///M5 E60 /2005- 2010/ V10 5.0L/ SMG 7 SPEED GEAR/500hp/ 0-100 4.7s
    MB C63 AMG 2012/ V8 6.2L/451hp/0-100 4.4s


    2car is very nice l have c 63

  2. You must know any car agency is bigger and older in your country and who have spare part easier to found finally your Budget thats give your choice then you will be satisfied ☺️

  3. These two cars do not compare to each other. The M5 is compared to the e63 and not the c63, but the c63 is better in terms of the technologies in it and newer than the M5.


    The m5 is faster and beautiful more c63
    M5 is the best of BMW MOTORS

  4. ال M5 لا تقارن ب C63
    الM5 تنافس E63

  5. لا يوجد وجه مقارنه لأن الm5 في مستوي أعلي من الc63

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